That Woman and the Mafia Don

Experience the clash of two different life choices as the beautiful and intelligent Diane Pisani eclipses the powerful head of organized crime.

In this gripping saga of sex, violence, revenge, humor, and true love, Sal Esposito, seduced by instant gratification, joins the mob and finagles his way to the top. He thrives on his power until he encounters a woman who turns his world upside down.

Caution: DO NOT read this novel unless you enjoy a riveting story, have ever been in love, were forced to make tough moral choices, or have been stereotyped.

What readers are saying about this novel

“Destined for the big screen.”

“I laughed and I cried!”

“Read it twice and enjoyed it even more the second time.”

“Can’t wait for the sequel.”

“Forced myself to read it only ten pages at a time so that it would take longer to end.”

“Better than 90% of the best sellers I have read.”

Profits from novel sales go to organizations that help prevent youth from joining gangs.