Research-Based Unit and Lesson Planning

Research-Based Unit and Lesson Planning

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Research-Based Unit and Lesson Planning presents a detailed, thorough, and comprehensive discussion of effective curriculum and instructional planning that leads to student success. Coaching rubrics facilitate implementation of the content so that teachers can improve their productivity.

Benefits and special features

• Presents information analytically

• Offers a context and rationale for planning based on solid research

• Provides numerous examples from different grade levels and subject areas

• Summarizes the content at the end of each chapter and at appropriate intervals

• Reflects a 21st century view

• Allows the reader to implement the content


Research-Based Unit and Lesson Planning is a “gold mine” and a comprehensive treasure that should on the working bookshelf of apprentice teachers, probationary teachers, newly tenured teachers, veteran teachers, and university teacher educators who prepare teachers. This book would be an eye-opener for senior political staff advisers to state and federal congressmen and senators who are self-proclaimed experts on the subject of schools and educational systems.

Anthony N. Baratta, Ed.D, Distinguished Professor of Education Emeritus; Chair, Division of Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy; and former Chair, Division of Curriculum and Teaching, The Graduate School of Education, Fordham University, New York, NY.

Having run a successful charter school district that firmly ascribed to constructivist precepts, this book nails it! Parsing the constructs of learning into a meaningful sequence that the teacher can apply in the classroom while encouraging participatory education is a major accomplishment.

Rex F. Shaw, Ed.D. Retired Director, Teaneck Charter School, Teaneck, NJ

This book is an essential handbook for teachers who aim to build sound constructivist curriculum in their classrooms. Pagliaro provides necessary tools for teachers and instructional coaches to build strong foundations for learning by aligning clear objectives to student activities. School leaders should incorporate this text as key content in professional development sessions for all teachers seeking to improve or enrich their craft.

Emily Hyland, 10th Grade Team Leader/ELA Teacher, Urban Assembly School for Green Careers, New York City Public Schools

Bravo, Dr. Pagliaro. This book is tremendous–a phenomenal work of creative synthesis for a fundamental and key professional teaching and learning function. If teachers actually implemented what was in this book, no student would be left behind! Enjoyed in particular, the review of learning theory and found the coaching rubrics particularly unique and useful.

Vincent S. Ziccolella, Ph.D., Educational Consultant, former Superintendent, Greeenburgh-Graham Union Free School District, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Research-Based Unit and Lesson Planning is a wonderful coach for helping novice and seasoned teachers plan for learning success in today’s diverse classrooms. This book explains traditional and contemporary methods for differentiating instruction, creating assessments, and planning learning experiences that will truly engage students, help them understand and master subject matter, and become independent, lifelong thinkers. This book is an essential tool for all teachers who seek to meet the challenges of the 21st century learner.

Janelle A. Simpson Cajuste, elementary teacher, East Ramapo Central School District, Spring Valley, NY