Mastery Teaching Skills

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Mastery Teaching Skills is a professional development book that will help teachers and principals implement the Common Core State Standards. This book reviews the main features of the Common Core as well as providing implementation examples.

Marie Pagliaro provides a thorough list of teaching skills and skill criteria based on the latest research that is grouped by internationally recognized teaching skill categories. This book will help you to achieve a comprehensive set of pedagogical skills to deliver successfully the Common Core Standards


A great collection of skills along with their criteria and a method for achieving them. At appropriate points, clearly written reviews introduce the skills. The best succinct understandable description of the standards that I have read. This book will enable teachers not only to improve their delivery of the Common Core State Standards but do so with the finishing touches that will polish their performance.

Joseph Cilizza, Ed.D., Professor of Education, Western Connecticut State College, Danbury, CT.

I recently reviewed the new book, Mastery Teaching Skills: A Resource for Implementing the Common Core State Standards by Marie Pagliaro. The book includes many tried and true strategies and includes recent ideas on quality instruction. The text is comprehensive and will serve as an asset for the most experienced teachers as well as new teachers.

Dr. Brenda Myers, Superintendent, Valhalla Union Free School District, Valhalla, NY

Keeping her finger on the pulse of education and recognizing the dire need to support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, Marie Menna Pagliaro offers a much needed resource for educators in the latest of her five books, Mastery Teaching Skills. With deep commitment to enhancing professional learning for all teachers, Dr. Pagliaro synthesizes the critical skills needed for teachers to move from adequate to excellent and offers a comprehensive, carefully structured guide to support the Common Core implementation.

Andrea Honigsfeld, Ed.D., Fulbright Scholar and Professor of Education, Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY