Educator or Bully?

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Educator or Bully? offers a comprehensive approach to classroom management for both novice and veteran teachers who are interested in examining their current classroom management performance, especially with respect to how it reflects the characteristics of the 21st century classroom.  Practices presented are based on sound educational theory.  There is an emphasis on the responsibility the student should have in successful classroom management.

Part I covers the guidelines that deal with everyday classroom management interactions with a focus on contemporary approaches.  This part discusses preventive measures followed by reactive procedures that teachers can implement once problems have occurred.

Punishment and logical consequences are distinguished and educative techniques in handling misbehavior are demonstrated.  Part I concludes with a thorough consideration regarding how to organize and maintain the physical classroom environment and how to prepare for the beginning of school.

Part II reviews student through teacher-centered strategies (systems) to deal with diverse classroom needs.  These strategies are tailored so that the least intrusive to those in which the teacher has more control reflect 21st century attributes.

Benefits and special features

•    Questions for self-reflection
•    Coaching rubrics that translate knowledge into performance
•    Numerous examples
•    Suggestions to convert traditional classroom management methods to those that reflect a 21st century view
•    Practices based on sound research
•    Succinct presentation of content for busy professionals
•    Opposing opinions offered for consideration


The most crucial component of classroom management is setting up an environment that makes instruction flow smoothly with minimal interruptions and student behaviors. This book is concerned with how to establish this environment–thus the question posed by the book’s title, Educator or Bully?. Pagliaro (professional development consultant) provides a solid background of the characteristics of the 21st-century classroom on which the concepts discussed in the book are based.. Overall, the book was informative to one who has dealt with the teaching of classroom management for some time. Summing Up: Recommended.


Dr. Pagliaro presents multiple models and strategies for supporting positive behaviors in the complex, diverse and rapidly changing classrooms of the 21st Century.  She provides a wealth of information on up-to-date thinking in the area of classroom management and provides guiding questions that encourage self-reflection for individual processing and provide topics for study groups.  Mostly, she brings the discussion back to what individual teachers can do to keep themselves knowledgeable, centered, competent and in control when confronted with behavioral challenges.

Cathy Rikhye, Ed.D., Lecturer, Teachers College, Columbia University, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, NYC, former Director, D75 Office of Inclusive Education, New York City Board of Education

Educator or Bully offers a clear, concise and refreshing way to manage a classroom by showing teachers how to empower students to take responsibility for themselves and for each other. It is my opinion that the guidelines presented to accomplish this goal should be instituted system-wide in every school district. This book contains many great classroom management examples covering K-12 classes and is backed by solid research. An added bonus is that it is an enjoyable pleasant read. I will use this book in my staff development consulting and would also recommend that novices read and learn its contents before they get trapped into the currently predominant way of managing classrooms.

Vincent S. Ziccolella, Ph.D., Educational Consultant, former Superintendent, Greeenburgh-Graham Union Free School District, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

As an educator, who taught and supervised teachers on all levels as well as well as undergraduate and graduate college students, I am not aware of any other book that offers such a comprehensive and state of the art perspective of classroom management.  This excellent book provides new and veteran teachers on all levels to draw and build for themselves and their students, successful, innovative strategies and techniques for the rest of their careers.

Annemarie V. Russo Romagnoli, MS   Retired Clarkstown School District Principal

Pagliaro strikes the perfect balance between theory and practice in this context. Many pedagogical illustrations support accepted theory in this primer on classroom management. Highly recommended for even the most-seasoned teacher!

Lance R. Angell, Ph.D., Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Hopkinsville Community College, Hopkinsville, KY

At last a book that combines the many theories of classroom management with practical applications.  Pagliaro provides many suggestions to implement appropriate classroom management techniques with an emphasis on self-reflection.   The coaching rubrics provide a resource for self-evaluation and professional development.  This book is a valuable resource for all educators pre-service and in-service.

Ernest J. Piermarini, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Graduate Teacher Education,
St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, NY.