Differentiating Instruction

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Differentiating Instruction presents a collection of teacher-centered and student-centered strategies to expand teachers’ repertoires for student involvement and success. The book explains the theory behind each strategy, when the strategy would be appropriate to use, and how it can be implemented. Coaching rubrics allow teachers to assess their current mastery of skills and, when necessary, improve performance.

Benefits and features

• Theory explanation for each strategy

• Implementation for each strategy

• Summaries at appropriate points

• Emphasis on how, when, and why to use each strategy

• Coaching rubrics to translate knowledge into performance


Pagliaro has her finger on the pulse of what works in the classroom. She explains the relationships between effective instructional concepts and processes in a simple, straightforward, and usable way in a concise book that balances theory and practice nicely. Contains coaching rubrics for each section so the book is ready to use.

Lance R. Angell, Ph.D., Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Hopkinsville Community College, Hopkinsville, KY

Dr. Pagliaro has hit the mark. What an invaluable tool for applying different teaching techniques to target objectives for students to achieve! Every teacher should include this book with his or her resources.

Virginia H. Mortillaro, MA, Twenty-five year high school English teacher, Rockland County, New York and Bergen County, New Jersey

This book will support teachers of all content areas and at all levels K-12. It provides teachers with an understanding of what strategies work best and the theory behind why they work. In addition, it articulates simple steps for implementation. Most importantly it also provides teachers, coaches and administrators with rubrics to assess the various strategies.

Dr. Lauren Allan, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Ardsley Public Schools, Ardsley, NY