Academic Success

Academic Success

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Beginning with guiding teachers in establishing a positive and supportive learning environment for student achievement, Academic Success then presents a review of behavioral, constructivist, and cognitive learning theories.  These theories are reflected within the four main categories with which teachers must constantly deal, these being motivation; goals/objectives and feedback; delivering original learning; and reinforcement.  Academic Success provides numerous examples of classroom applications that show how the theories can be implemented.  This book also offers a case study that demonstrates how with one teacher’s initiative, learning theories were applied to actively involve students within a school, school district, and beyond.



In Education we have several books on specific techniques and skills for teachers and we have some excellent books on learning theory.  Marie Pagliaro brings together the best of both in an insightful and readable manner.  Following the path laid out in this book, teachers will be more effective in creating an environment for their students to achieve academic success.  A “must read” in this era of teacher evaluation based on student achievement.

Gene Sale, Ed.D., Dean of Education and Behavioral Studies, Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, FL.

Kudos to Dr. Pagliaro on her new book, Academic Success.  She is right on target with her suggestions on how to implement effective teaching practices and create a positive classroom environment in order to help all students succeed. This book is very well organized, east to read with excellent research and very practical ideas that would be easy to apply.  It would be helpful to any teacher and should be a standard text for Education methods courses.  In addition, many experienced teachers are struggling with the new Common Core Standards.  Dr. Pagliaro’s book addresses this issue directly and would be a very helpful and non-threatening guide for them.  I am currently conducting workshops to help veteran teachers deal with the changing regulations and intend to use this book as a reference and recommend it to the participants.

Harriet Barnett, Retired Classroom Teacher, Dobbs Ferry Central School District, Dobbs Ferry, NY, Methods Instructor, Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY., Consultant to several school districts.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it so timely.  Dr. Pagliaro brilliantly weaves educational and psychological theory into a winning combination to enhance the goals of our new Common Core Standards.  Teachers who embrace the suggestions and common sense strategies will truly create classrooms that will have all students college and career ready!  This book should be a part of every teacher’s library.

Andrea Loscalzo Psy.D., Psychologist, NY and CT., Director, Pupil Personnel Services and Admissions, Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District, Hastings, NY.