A Blueprint for Preparing Teachers

A Blueprint for Preparing Teachers

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A Blueprint for Preparing Teachers provides a plan to produce high quality teachers who will remain in the profession and continue to grow throughout their careers. The plan includes three-components which must all be incorporated for a teacher education program to be successful: university curriculum and instruction that are state-of-the-art; strong collaboration among the university, school districts, and the community; and meaningful professional development. This book offers procedures to help facilitate the implementation of each of the three components.


Embedded in a dynamic historical perspective of teacher education, Pagliaro provides the fundamental structures and systems teacher education programs need to be successful. This book is a helpful reminder of how much work has been done in teacher education, but also how much farther we need to go. Using these basic building blocks, programs can begin to reach higher levels of impact from which to innovate.

— Carole G. Basile, EdD, dean, College of Education, University of Missouri St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

It is refreshing to know that someone has recognized how the business community can contribute to teacher preparation. Following the blueprint in this book should produce teachers who will be better able to educate our youth in the 21st century skills they will need to become the business leaders of the future and keep our nation competitive in this global economy.

— Robert C. Raciti, PhD, managing director, EFA Partners, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY

In A Blueprint for Preparing Teachers, Marie Pagliaro establishes the foundation of the history of teacher preparation and connects the support needed to enhance the future of the field. Marie makes a good connection for the reader with cases and current comments from prominent researchers to the issues facing the field of teacher education. The Blueprint addresses identified criticisms of the field with high quality solutions that reflect the best research on teacher education. Recognizing that the work on teacher education is ongoing, the reader is led beyond solutions to practices that will further the ongoing research and deepen and refine the solutions for the future.

— Barbara R. Ridener, PhD, chair, department of teaching and learning, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

In A Blueprint for Preparing Teachers, Dr. Pagliaro addresses the fact that teacher preparation at the university level leaves much to be desired. Her progression from a historical perspective to current issues in teacher education along with her thoughtful recommendations for improvement is well described and easy to read. I found her treatment of professional development for teachers to be most significant, and if implemented in the way she indicates, will finally make the 25 billion dollars a year spent on teacher growth worthwhile. The use of coaching rubrics as an essential element in improving teachers’ skills was clearly explained and should be highly effective. I certainly recommend this book as required reading for all associated with teacher education and for those who want to gain insight into the process.

— Paul Sequeira, EdD, educational consultant, (former) superintendent of schools, Trenton, NJ, New Britain, CT, Greenburgh Eleven, Hastings, NY associate professor of education, Western Connecticut State University

Blueprint is an empowering read for educators at all career levels. For the novice, it provides the necessary tools to enhance their natural teaching ability that draws them to the teaching profession. For the quality veteran, Blueprint refreshes us and reminds us why we chose this profession we dedicate our lives to so passionately.

— Ann Marie Smith, BS, MFA, MEd, Eastchester Union Free School District, Eastchester, NY